In a previous post, I shared some thoughts and photos about two boards in a lane of Kham Thien street, Dong Da district. They was decorated last year but left blank this year. Sadly, such blank boards are quite common this year.

During the Tet holiday, I used to go consecutively across several residential areas without seeing any decorated one. Of course, most of them could have been disused since years ago. However, a lot of boards on which the local(s) still wrote and drew carefully last year only includes simple A4 sheets of paper this year. Furthermore, I realized five in six no-longer-decorated boards were in my Dong Da district. I have prepared for this scenario but still find it so downhearted.

Now I’m wondering if I should go to visit these places next year. Maybe I should, although all I would see next year could still be blank boards.

Upper: The board in a lane of Quan Nhan street, Thanh Xuan district.
Lower: The board on the wall of an old apartment block in Luong Dinh Cua street, Dong Da district.
Other two boards in Dong Da district. The upper is in a lane near the Temple of Literature. The lower is in a sub-lane of Dong Tac street.
Still in Dong Da district. The upper is in my home lane in Kham Thien street. The lower is on the wall of an old apartment block in Phuong Mai street.