The upper photo is one of the first pieces I’ve taken for this collection. It was 2016, when my office was located just few minutes walk from two or three notice boards of collective apartment blocks in lane number 133 Nguyen Trai road, Thanh Xuan district. I didn’t really pay attention to how they decorated the other boards for Lunar New Year holidays. I took only one photo of this board just because it was right in sight and looked pretty nice. I’ve asked a local about the person who had decorated it but got no specific information.

The lower photo was taken two years later. You can recognize it’s the same board by the detail on the left. I tried to explain why the person who had created (or I should use “produced” instead?) the impressive drawings in 2016 didn’t continue his or her good job in 2018. The most plausible explanation is that he or she was retired and the successor simply has no necessary skills. However, I can’t help thinking negatively. Decoration by chalk hardly requires a budget. As a result, there’s no commission for decision makers like printing banners. And a wise residential leader surely knows which to choose. Of course, I always hope my evil speculation never comes true.

If you happen to capture a board like these, or know who has taken it, don’t hesitate to let me know through the Contact page or just leave a comment here. I hope our collection will be more and more praiseworthy.